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National Hospice Month

As Yuma County’s only non-profit hospice, Hospice of Yuma has to differentiate itself from the for-profit hospices in town. Well, in plain terms, the difference is YOU. Because of an incredibly generous community, we have been able to make Hospice of Yuma the kind of place that is known for providing the best in professionalism, quality and skilled care, and compassion for our patients to have dignity and quality of life during their end-of-life phase. That’s why this annual campaign is called “I Make a Difference.” Because you can and you do.

A regular day of care for a patient requires at least $170.00.
What does the patient get in return?


·         Physicians and Nurses who make regular visits to check on patients, document changes, and provide care and symptom management

·         Medications & Medical Equipment needed for patient care

·         Certified Nurse Assistants who attend to patient's personal care needs

·         Social Workers listen and guide patients and their families on things that concern them

·         Chaplains offer spiritual support and lend a sympathetic ear


All of this amounts to Comfort...Personalized Care...The sense of being taken care of during a difficult time with a team that will be there every step of the way.

For more information: Please contact Hospice of Yuma at (928) 343-2222 or by email at

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