Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Hospice of Yuma will respond to emergency situations by providing optimum patient care through a coordinated effort within the Clinical Services and planned interaction with external agencies and contractors. The plan is intended to be flexible in order to respond to any type of internal or external disaster including nuclear, biological, and chemical terrorist threats. This plan outlines a chain of task delegation and communication to be activated by the highest-level Clinical Services supervisor on-site following notification from the administrator or administrator on call that emergency procedures are to be implemented. Job assignments will be delegated to the Hospice of Yuma personnel present. Some persons may have to take on more than one job task until additional personnel arrive. If assigned more than one set of job actions, the tasks performed will be prioritized among the set of job tasks. The job action roles are not intended to be specific to a person but a list of tasks to be performed by any personnel available to be assigned to that set of job actions. Job actions may be reassigned as additional staff arrives on the scene. Some job actions may not be necessary and may be deactivated at anytime. The Administrator, Clinical Director, RN Case Managers, Supervisors and all other personnel will coordinate with staff in office or other locations to facilitate consistent communication and optimum patient and staff safety and ensure the following processes:

  1. Critical business and clinical functions are identified as communication with patients, clinical staff, business and contracted providers. The plan is developed to ensure that patients continue to receive immediate clinical services and have minimal to no disruption of service. In addition, the plan is designed so that business processes and payments continue.
  2. Important business and clinical functions are identified as telephone systems, computers, software, safety and security and finance operations.

Incident Command System

Insofar as feasible, this plan follows the principles and features of the Incident Command System (ICS). Used by emergency response organizations throughout the nation, ICS is an effective model for centralized management. It clearly defines staff roles and responsibilities and lines of communications. In the ICS model the base of operations for response to a disaster (incident) is the Command Center. Incident Commander – Upon activation of the plan, an Incident Commander will be designated and is in charge overall. Depending on the length of the incident, the Incident Commander may change or rotate, providing detailed updates and current situational matters to the oncoming Incident Commander.

Command Center The Command Center will be at the Hospice of Yuma office located at 1824 S. 8th Ave, Yuma, Arizona 85364. If that facility is unsafe or cannot be made operational, an alternate location will be communicated to the staff.

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