Wig & Prosthesis Program

Hospice of Yuma serves an average of 10 people per month, fitting them with either a prosthesis or wig.

Who is it for?

Though we tend to see more women, this service is not exclusive to them. We have also served young adults and children. The service is primarily for those people who have experienced a mastectomy or other cancer-related surgery or treatment necessitating a prosthesis, wig, head scarf and/or mastectomy bra.

What is the cost for these services?

There is no charge to the recipient for the wigs, hats, scarves, prostheses or bras. The program ensures that the service to the community is free.

Who is eligible?

Hospice of Yuma’s Wig & Prosthesis Program is a service available to any person in the Yuma community who is suffering from a loss of hair due to illness or cancer treatment and either do not have insurance or their insurance will not cover the cost of a wig or prosthesis.

How is it funded?

The Wig & Prosthesis Program is funded directly by donation. Contributions to this program allow Hospice of Yuma to purchase wigs and prostheses. Local community groups and individuals knit and sew hats and scarves.

How can you help?

Because the service is no-charge to the community members who take advantage of our program, we rely heavily on donations. If a person would like to donate to the Wig & Prosthesis Program, they can do so by putting Wig & Prosthesis Program on the memo line of a check or send a note explaining which fund should receive the donation. Occasionally, we have fundraisers to raise money for the program.

As previously stated, we also have generous groups who provide us with handmade hats, blankets, and scarves that we can pass on to the community.

If you have any questions about the program or would like to help by donating a gift or item, please call us at 928-343-2222 and ask to speak to Rosie Pena or Alysia Munoz.