Hospice is a hard topic to discuss with loved ones and friends. It isn’t made any easier when people begin to share stories about what they’ve “heard” about hospice care. For those who have never needed hospice but find themselves in a situation where the need to choose a hospice becomes inevitable, it can be daunting to even think “hospice”. They automatically think death. And that’s their first mistake, which is understandable. Here at Hospice of Yuma, when we say hospice, we mean life. Our goal is to provide our patients with the best in care, support, and resources to be able to live their life comfortably, surrounded by loved ones, and being able to make important decisions about their own care for as long as they’re on our services. In order to better serve our community, here is a Top 10 List of the Common Myths about Hospice, and the facts to go with them. Information is vital when choosing a hospice, and recognizing fact from myth is key when the time comes to start thinking about hospice care.